Our Services

What can Arquar Technology Solutions do for you?

Our team has two decades of experience providing a wide variety of technology services to an equally varied client base. Below you’ll find details about our most common service offerings.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, don’t hesitate to reach out to speak with us, as there’s a good chance we are either able to help, or able to refer you to a someone who can!

IT Support Services

Computers, software, and the internet have become essential tools for any modern business, and sometimes they don’t work perfectly. Unfortunately, most small and mid-size businesses can’t employ a qualified IT professional full time, so when something breaks, needs maintenance, or needs to be reconfigured, they’re left with few options.

This is where Managed IT Support Services enter the equation. If your business only needs a few hours of IT help each month, an IT Support agreement can give you access to top IT resources that know you and your business’ needs, without hiring them internally.

Technical Consulting & Integration

Your business needs the right technology to thrive, but which technology is the right technology, what projects will make the biggest impact to your business, and how should you approach them?

When you need an expert’s guidance in planning a project, charting a technical course, or using the technology you already have to greater effect, you need Technical Consulting.

Our team provides this type of technical expertise to a number of clients, providing them knowledge and skillsets which would be too costly to maintain in-house or too difficult to find the right candidates for. We work with your business to determine the business need, and help craft the perfect technology solutions to meet that need.

Web Presence

Your business probably already has a presence online, whether it’s a fully functional website, an online ordering platform, a social media presence, or just a listing on Google Maps, but is it operating at full potential?

The right web presence, well managed, can not only make you look more professional, it can also bring in a steady stream of new customers, or open up new ways of interacting with or selling to those customers, which can have tremendous long term value to your business.

Whether you just want some guidance on your web strategy, you need help launching something new, or you’d like someone to fully manage your online platforms, we can help your business get the most out of the web.